Guide to Choosing the Right Pay Stub App for Your Business

When you hear the word paystub or payroll, what comes into your mind? Tons of paperwork and rigorous process? Yes, the payroll process is a complex process that each business needs to deal with every month.


If your business has grown to a point where a payroll system seems essential for your business, then you have arrived at an important decision.


Numerous factors come into play when it comes to choosing the right pay stub app. Factors like what features the software provides, ease of use, integration with 3rd party applications, customer support, and accessibility.


In this blog, we shall give you a complete guide on how to choose the right pay stub app for your business. And, if you are on the hunt for a free paystub generator app, then Free Pay Stub Now is your solution.


What Does Your Business Payroll Need?

Before you search and compare various payroll software, you should be aware of the problems your current payroll software faces. You can consider the following:


  • How many employees does your firm have?
  • What is your payroll budget?
  • How large is your business?
  • How often do you conduct payroll?
  • Do you need a standalone payroll software?

Payroll Reporting

The reporting feature is available in almost every payroll software. However, the reporting feature should not make reporting more complicated. Ensure that the software you want to purchase has a built-in reporting feature that is easy to use.


Not only are they reported using already made templates, but the custom report is a crucial one for the company because each company has a different policy, so the report can be different from other companies.


Integration With 3rd Part Applications

Check with your team whether your product can be integrated with a 3rd party application or not—either built-in API. This can be useful if you already use software like accounting software.

Software Security

As payroll software is sensitive and a private issue, payroll software must have robust security features. Like password protection, secure storage, and limited access control so only the HR manager and the staff can manage and see the employees’ payroll information.

What Does A Payroll Software Do?

Payroll services are designed to streamline the process of paying your employees and keep your business intact. Some of the basic features include:

Payroll Processing: Modern payroll software can ensure that the employees are paid ideally- on time, in the correct amount, and via their choice of payment method.

Direct Deposits: Many payroll services offer direct deposit capabilities, meaning that the employees receive their salary directly into their bank accounts rather than having a physical check.

Non-Traditional Compensation: Besides the usual payroll, a solution should be able to handle other types of payment, like worker’s compensation and wage adjustment.


With the perfect free pay stub app, you will be able to handle payroll quickly and efficiently. You can also handle all the other aspects of admin management and show your employees that they are at the center of your business. In case you are looking for a free paystub generator, use Free Pay Stub Now.